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The Ridgway is a building containing twenty-four flats, situated at 87 - 89 Mount Ararat Road, Richmond in Surrey. It is on the upper slopes of Richmond Hill and is ten minutes walk from Richmond Park, the River Thames, the town centre and Richmond railway station (both mainline and tube services).

This website is for the benefit of both the owners and tenants of the flats and its purpose is to provide a two-way communication tool between them and the Management Committee. The Committee normally meets four times a year to discuss and act upon Ridgway business. In addition there is an Annual General Meeting open to all owners which takes place at a nearby venue.

This website contains information that we hope both owners and tenants of the flats will find useful. If you would like to make comments or suggestions about anything concerning the Ridgway please go to the contact us page.

The Ridgway Handbook
As occupiers of residential flats, we are all subject to certain covenants and restrictions to ensure that the quiet enjoyment of our flats is not spoilt by inconsiderate neighbours. Our objective is to live together in harmony; we are 24 properties joined together
and unless we have some common goals, this is unlikely to be achieved.

The covenants are not onerous and are quite usual for flats of this type. Proper observance of these covenants by each of us is something from which we all benefit. They are fully set out in the flat lease but we thought it would be helpful to remind everyone of the main aspects.In general, please act with good will and common sense, report any defects, and ‘do it yourself’, rather than just leaving ‘it’ for someone else to do.

Click here to view and download a copy of the handbook in Word Format
Click here to view printing instructions for the handbook

Click here to view and download a copy of the handbook in PDF Format

Each of the twenty-four flats has a dedicated underground parking space. There are also six outside visitor parking places; these are for visitors (friends, colleagues, workman etc) only. If you have more than one vehicle you should obtain a parking permit from the Richmond parking shop. Please do not abuse the visitor parking as all residents pay for the convenience of visitor spaces.

Street parking permits and all other information about local parking can be obtained by visiting the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames website.

In summer we all want to enjoy fresh air with windows and balcony doors open. Please respect your neighbours and keep all volumes of music, television and radio at a reasonable level, and at reasonable times.

The fire department licence forbids the storage of any inflammable material in the garage.

Bin Room
Please ensure that all rubbish is properly bagged up and placed inside the bins provided, and not left on the floor.

To see a list of contractors used (and recommended by owners and tenants) at the Ridgway please click here